Category: Microblading Tips

Microblading and Hormonal Imbalances

Hair loss can be caused by a lot of things, including hormonal imbalances. If you are experiencing a hormonal imbalance and losing brow hairs as a result, you can consider microblading. Microblading can help you achieve symmetrical and full brows, which can boost your confidence, even if your hormonal imbalance is causing you to lose hair.

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We Can Correct Microblading Gone Wrong!

In recent years, eyebrows were the top trend in the makeup community. Everybody wanted fierce, yet natural-looking eyebrows that flattered their face shape. With the growing demand for semi-permanent makeup techniques that catered to the brows, microblading became one of the top beauty procedures. However, its popularity wasn’t all good. People who were not professionals performed microblading on clients, and the results were less than favorable. If you received microblading gone wrong, Flash Brows can fix it!

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How to Maintain Your Eyebrows!

The brow trend is on the rise, and microblading is the ideal way to get flawless brows without spending time every morning applying makeup or overpaying for waxes and threading! Here at Flash Brows by Heather Gordon, we think everyone deserves to wake up with makeup!

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