Diamond Face Shape

microblading near southlake eyebrow tattoo

The diamond face shape features a forehead that is more narrow than the cheeks and a slightly pointed chin. If you have a diamond face, you likely have strong cheekbones. Because of your fierce cheekbones, curved brows are the most complimentary to your face shape. Think about curved eyebrows as you prepare for your microblading appointment.

Curved or rounded eyebrow shapes will even out the angles of a diamond-shaped face. These shapes will also help your face shape look narrower, balancing all of your features out. The curved or rounded eyebrow shape will angle upward and arch down gently, with a rounded arch.

Learn more about the best eyebrow shape for your face before heading to your microblading appointment. Heather Gordon, your skilled brow artist will be able to help you determine the perfect shape for your face.

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