Microblading Questions

How long can I expect my eyebrow tattoo to last?

No guarantee can be made as to how long eyebrow tattoo results will last.

That said, the pigment used in eyebrow microblading is semi-permanent and can last between 1-3 years. The pigment will begin to fade around 12 months, so maintenance appointments (referred to as touch-up or color boost) are recommended. See pricing for details.

Factors that will cause your microbladed brows to fade faster:

  • Age
  • Skin type
  • Anti-aging skincare products on the brows
  • Sun exposure
  • Exposure to chlorine and/or salt water
  • Exfoliants
  • Smoking
  • PostCare & AfterCare
Does everyone need a four week touch up?

Microblading and 3D Brows is considered a two-step procedure. For the most part, everyone will need a touch-up or perfecting appointment. The four week enhancement at Flash Brows is included in the initial price. For those who desire additional touch up appointments see the pricing page for details.

Are semi-permanent hair stroke tattoo eyebrows deemed permanent?

Technically, semi-permanent micro-pigmentation is considered permanent because the color is implanted into the upper dermal layer of the skin and cannot be washed off. However, the eyebrow embroidery pigment is implanted more superficially than a traditional tattoo, so it naturally fades over time.

Will I still need to wear brow make-up?

You might, depending on your desired look, however most people no longer wear brow make-up once they have microblading performed. eyebrow microblading is meant to enhance your natural brows, so if you prefer a dramatic filled-in look, then YES, you will still need make-up to achieve that.

Does the application hurt?

Pain threshold levels vary from person to person, but most clients find the procedure to be pain free. Flash Brows by Heather Gordon takes all of the necessary precautions to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. A strong topical anesthetic cream is used prior to the procedure, and an even stronger liquid or gel anesthetic is used during the procedure once the skin has been opened. Truth is that some people fall asleep during the procedure, while others tear up. No one finds it unbearable and everyone says that it is ABSOLUTELY worth it!

Note — pain is considerably increased two days prior to the start of your menstrual cycle and for the first three days of your menstrual cycle. It is highly discouraged that you book your microblading eyebrow service during these five days of the month.

How long is the recovery or healing time?

There is no “down time” when you receive a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo and you may return to your regular schedule immediately following the procedure. However, microblading is a “dry heal” process for the first ten days. See the Postcare page for details.

How do you choose color?
We choose a color together by applying small amounts of different colored pigments to your skin and selecting the best match for your skin tone, features and personal preference. As a rule of thumb, we closely match the color of your brow hair rather than your current hair color, for the most natural hair stroke eyebrow results.
What types of pigments do you use?

Flash Brows uses the safest, most expensive, high-quality, made in the USA, Li Pigments. Li Pigments are iron oxide pigments and are D&C and FD&C certified approved pigments for cosmetic topical use as outlined by the FDA. Iron oxide pigments are innocuous, harmless, fade over time and are naturally absorbed by the skin. Some permanent makeup supplies can be purchased at Flash Brows in Dallas.

Can I have my brows microbladed if I'm pregnant?

No. You cannot have this treatment done if you are pregnant.

Will my microbladed brows look fake?

NO! Semi-permanent makeup is done using a process known as intradermal cosmetics, which looks far more natural than topically applied cosmetics or a traditional tattoo.

How long does the appointment last?

Typically 90 minutes, but you will have a two hour time slot to ensure we are never rushed. The majority of the appointment is spent getting your brows numb, answering all of your questions, mapping and drawing your brow shape, deciding on color, discussing aftercare, etc. The actual microblading is about one hour. Most clients are surprised to find that gorgeous semi-permanent brows take less time than a full set of eyelash extensions!

Do you need to meet for a consultation first?

We do your consultation on the day of the actual service. As I mentioned above, the appointment is usually 2 hours and the first hour is the consultation. Only after I get your, “Ok, let’s do this!” do I begin microblading.