Heart Face Shape

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Do you have a heart-shaped face? If so, this means your forehead is wider than your jaw. Your face likely gets smaller as you move from the forehead down, with your face coming to a point at the chin. Your perfect pair of brows are curved to soften your angles. Consider a rounded eyebrow as you head to your microblading appointment.

Even though bold eyebrows are a trend currently, a softer brow may be best for someone with a heart-shaped face. Eyebrows that are soft and curved will compliment your pointed chin and heart face shape. The soft look includes a brow that arches upwards and slowly arches down with a rounded curve.

If you're interested in getting your eyebrows microbladed, consider learning more about the best brows for your face shape. Your professional microblading eyebrow artist can also help you determine the perfect look for your face.

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