James Mudd

Founder & Principal Artist

James Mudd

The Heather James Ink Hair Loss Solution will add the illusion of thicker, fuller-hair by using micro-impressions (aka "Pixels") from a hand-held device known as a tattoo pen. The pigment deposits micro-impressions under the top few layers of the skin making it semi-permanent and virtually painless. Each area of the head takes about an hour to complete and most people are very satisfied after just 1-2 sessions.

The price is $950 per area, per session. The top of the head is considered one area, the back of the head is one area, and both sides combined is also considered one single area. Heather James Ink is currently offering two-for-one special! For $950 you will get a FREE second appointment. This equates to a 50% discount, or only $475 per session! This introductory special is valid on all appointments booked and scheduled in August and/or September 2021.

This is the only non-surgical solution to hair loss. The average client can go five years before they need their pigment refreshed. It’s painless and there is zero downtime.

To book an appointment with James 50% ($475) of the total ($950) is required at the time of booking. The remaining 50% ($475) is due at your 1st appointment. Note the $475 deposit will not be refunded under any circumstances should you choose to forgo your scalp micro pigmentation service for any reason.

James Mudd is one of the first to deliver scalp micropigmentation treatments in the DFW area. Having trained in San Antonio under the industry's elite artists, James has perfected his proprietary scalp "pixelation" technique to serve the hair loss needs of both men and women.

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