Long Face Shape

eyebrow microblading near highland park

If you have a long face shape, consider straight eyebrows for your microblading appointment. Long face shapes are longer than they are wide, and the goal is to use eyebrows to make the face appear more round and short.

Straight eyebrows don't have an arch, or have a minimal arch. The eyebrow goes straight across the face, and may slightly arch down if desired. Eyebrows like this will break the face up, so it doesn't look as long. It was also help the face to appear more round in shape. You should also consider your straight eyebrows to extend beyond the corner of the eye to help round out the face even more.

When making your microblading appointment, learn about the best eyebrows for your face shape. If you are unsure, your professional microblading eyebrow artist will be able to help you determine the best brows for your face.

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