Pricing & Policies

Microblading Pricing

Your initial Flash Brows microblading is a two-appointment service, which includes your primary microblading appointment & complimentary 4 week Re-Touch appointment, priced together as a package for $700. Your consultation takes place at the beginning of your first appointment, immediately followed by your procedure.

$700 Microblading Package:

  • Initial Microblading Appointment (includes consultation)
  • 4 Week Re-Touch Appointment

All new Flash Brows clients are required to book as a new client ($700) as it will require a longer appointment time to get established. This includes the consultation, paperwork, determining desired results, shape, mapping, color, pigment selection, skin type, pre-numbing, etc. You will receive one complimentary Re-Touch appointment with your $700 package (must be used 4-8 weeks after your initial appointment or it will be forfeited).

$350 Microblading Maintenance:

Like everything else with our bodies, the eyebrows age daily. You won't notice your microblading aging on a daily basis, but you will begin to see changes to the pigment & the shape as the months pass, therefore microblading requires maintenance. If your eyebrows are fading out, appearing patchy and/or losing their shape, you are due for your Color Refresh appointment!

  • Color Refresh $350*
  • For existing Flash Brows clients only

*If you do not refresh your color within a reasonable time frame you will no longer have enough of a pigment base to add a single application to refresh the color and you will be required to purchase two appointments 4 weeks apart so that the pigment strokes can be reinforced ($350+$350). The most affordable way to keep your eyebrows looking amazing is to come in for maintenance!

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Microblading $700

Includes FREE 4 Week Touch-Up


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Booking Fee/Deposit -A $200 NON REFUNDABLE booking fee/deposit is required for all first time clients to book and reserve your initial microblading appointment date and time. The $200 fee will be applied to the total cost of your microblading service, thus the remaining balance due of $500 will be paid in full at your first appointment. Note the $200 booking fee/deposit will not be refunded under any circumstances should you choose to forgo your microblading service for any reason. Included but not limited to, schedule conflicts, weather, illness, health, childcare issues, change of mind, acts of god, or other.

Rescheduling Microblading Appointment - If you need to move your appointment date and/or time, after your $200 booking fee/deposit has been paid, you are free to do so as long as it is not within 48 hours of your original booked appointment. I allow for one reschedule before I will require you to pay for your microblading in full to secure a third appointment with me.

Cancelling Microblading Appointment - If you cancel your appointment within 48 hours of the scheduled date/time you forfeit your $200 booking fee/deposit and you will be required to pay for your microblading in full, at my current non-promotional rate, in order to secure another appointment with me.

Touch Up Appointments - Each full priced Microblading appointment comes with an accompanying, complimentary 4 week Touch Up appointment, which will be booked at your initial visit for the following month. Touch Up availability is extremely limited, therefore only one reschedule is permitted & a minimum of 48 hours notice is required to reschedule. If you cancel your Touch Up appointment within 48 hours or less (for any reason, including illness, pregnancy, and/or childcare issues), you will forfeit your complimentary Touch Up. Missed and/or No-Show touch up appointments will not be rescheduled. The complimentary Touch Up appointment expires 60 days from your initial Microblading date.

Maintenance Appointments - Maintenance appointments require 48 hour notice to reschedule or cancel with no additional charge. If you fail to give adequate notice you will lose your booking fee/deposit & prepayment of your maintenance appointment will be required in order to rebook.

Late Arrivals (All Appointments) - If you are not on time for your appointment it will compromise the amount of time I have to do your brows. I can not extend your appointment time as I am booked back-to-back every day. I have a 15 minute grace period if you are running behind. Anyone who arrives 15+ minutes late will be considered a cancellation (see above) and will not be seen.

Tattoo Disclosure - If you have a traditional tattoo on your eyebrows this must be disclosed via text with pictures before booking your appointment as it might not be possible to microblade over old tattoo ink. Booking fees/deposits are not refundable once booked. If you show up to your appointment with tattooed eyebrows and you are not a candidate for Microblading you will lose your $200 booking fee/deposit.


Flash Brows has a no refund policy.

Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

No children or pets are allowed at your appointment. No exceptions!

Flash Brows reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.