Round Face Shape

best eyebrow microblading near mansfield

Round faces are faces that are equally long and wide. Faces like these have no major points, such as no pointed chin, no strong jawline, etc., so you may want to create some definition with your microbladed eyebrows. If you have a round face, consider sharp, arched eyebrows.

The more angular your eyebrows, the more shape will be created on a round face. Don't be afraid to play with high arches and sharp lines if you have a round face. These types of eyebrows are actually the most flattering for your face shape. These eyebrows angle high up immediately, and then angle sharply down when they reach the arch.

Before your eyebrow microblading appointment, learn about the best brows for your face shape. Your professional and skilled brow artist will be able to help you if you seem unsure.

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