Square Face Shape

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Those with square face shapes have strong jawlines. Individuals with square faces also have foreheads that are as wide as their jaws. This strong face shape can be softened with your brows during a microblading appointment. Consider soft, curved eyebrows when it comes to microblading.

A gently curved brow will balance out the strong shapes of your face. These brows will arch up slowly, and then arch back down slowly. The arch is not too high or sharp. Adding a soft curve to the arch will increase the softness of the brow and compliment your face. This curve will also help your face appear more round, evening out the sharp lines of your features.

Learn more about what eyebrow shape suits your face best before heading to your microblading appointment. If you're unsure, Heather Gordon, your professional eyebrow artist in Frisco, Texas will help you determine the perfect shape for your face.

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